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Sharyn and Olof are slowly working into a more relaxed lifestyle, a gradual retirement is probably the best term.

As part of this change we have stopped all manufacturing except custom solutions and repairs. Repairs is actually how we got started making custom gear.

The stronger EX1 and EX3 camera bottoms were our first products, spurred on by a web-board subscriber who needed the weak plate repaired. I fixed his plate and then told him I could improve on the Sony base. Soon I found lots of shooters wanted this mod to the EXcams. That was just the beginning. I sold over 1000 of those EX1 and EX3 stronger bases.

I have always (since the 70's) built my own mods for cameras I own. Westside A V Store just became my way of sharing these kits. The business really grew over 7 years, but I am now winding it down. I sold my first CNC machine and Laser Cutter a few months ago, and my second CNC machine is out the door next week.

So we are selling off stock that is left. But I am still able to make one off or short runs on my 2 manual milling machines and all my woodworking equipment. And I am still producing videos so I will still make my own kits.

As with a lot of my kits that were made as a request from customers, I will still help shooters who need custom solutions.

Use the Contact form or just email me (link is in the footer) if you have a request.

We still run our production company Westside A V Studios but we are slowing that down as well. We are no longer soliciting jobs, we just do projects for a few select customers. So I will have more time to play in the workshops and fly my model aircraft and "drones" for fun.

Here is a link to the AMA flying club I am currently president of. That is where a lot of my time is now spent.

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